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And this is the page where I'm suppose to gush to you about my credentials. Where I went to school, the positions I've held, recognition I've received. So forth and so on. But I'm ditching all of that. And for the record, I'm not diminishing my accomplishments and attempting to play small. I am extremely proud of where I've been and how I got here, but my history and identity is richer and not to be dictated by colonialistic measurements of status.

I'm Indigenous. I'm Black. I'm Mexican. I'm Queer. I'm a dreamer. An artist. A writer. A doer. An empath. Socially awkward introvert. A lover. A feeler. A disruptor. An aunty. A daughter. A sister. A doubter of my own abilities at times. A seeker. And so so much more.

The Multifaceted Matriarch was born out of my desire to embrace all of my unique attributes in this world and utilize them to both heal myself and be in good relationship with my community.

And although I am no master of decolonization, I've been called inward for the past few years of my life to do the work of disrupting, disarming and distinguishing a new means of functioning, not only as a femme of color business-owner, but as an individual living at multiple intersections who is committed to understanding the harm I have harnessed by embracing oppressive systems, practices and privileges, and actively engaging in doing better.

Let's heal.

Let's investigate.

Let's disrupt.

Let's re-imagine.

Let's remember.

Let's reclaim.






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