I love the passion you have for your business, and know what it feels like to navigate this realm as a womxn/femme of color. It's empowering, but ripe full of obstacles that our white womxn/femme counterparts don't experience to the same degree.

As of 2020, in the US alone, 44% of womxn-owned businesses have been established and run by womxn of color, equating to a 20% increase from 1997.

But despite the vivacious entrepreneurial spirit of womxn and femmes of color, the odds are stacked against us. Barriers to start-up capital, business financing and more create hurdle after hurdle.

I realized that throughout this immense struggle, that I, along with fellow womxn and femmes of color, needed the opportunity to be more visible, vocal and authentic with the entirety of our identities when it came to our business pursuits. This is where the healing would happen and where decolonization of our businesses and selves could ensue.

That means stepping away from the white-washed and colonialistic methods of communicating the services and/or products being provided by our businesses and fully embracing who we are as womxn and femmes of color: 

Multifaceted Matriarchs with identities, cultures and traditions richer, stronger & more beautiful than any colonized business ideals and processes can capture.

When Brandi's not in creative-mode, she's navigating and advocating for those in marginalized communities alongside fellow change-makers.

Brandi also co-manages American Indian Republic, a digital media company, as well as Bella & Belle, a Native-run creative consulting firm.

She is a proud Board Member of the Tacoma Women of Color Collective in Tacoma, WA.



The Mission of The Multifaceted Matriarch is to assist small business-owning womxn and femmes of color in decolonizing their content, uplifting their authentic voices and identities, and attracting and turning  leads into wholesome customers.

A Proud Woman, PoC and Queer-owned business

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