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Let's decolonize the way we do business.


Navigating the business realm as a woman/femme of color has its own abundance of obstacles, but this isn't new news to you, is it?

On the daily you're having to contend with embracing your unique identity while simultaneously enmeshing yourself into the "business realm," and perhaps, seeking 'success' as dictated by capitalism, white supremacy and the patriarchy.

But are you truly visible under this cloak of "success", or simply contributing to a destructive system by unknowingly idealizing and utilizing harmful tools of oppression?

As an indoctrinated individual, with history and trauma stemming from the assimilative efforts of Western society, you still have the opportunity to afford yourself grace as you heal while moving away from the colonized means by which you navigate and operate in the business realm and life.

 Let's decolonize.

The Mission of The Multifaceted Matriarch is to assist  women and femme of color service providers in decolonizing their business practices and leaning into their innate power as anti-oppressive catalysts in demolishing harmful systems.

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